Bette Midler sure has been busy recently. First she jumped aboard the ghoul-train and politicized the Aurora theater shooting. Now, she has moved onto blaming the Koch Brothers for all of her woes. Hey, Bette, what happened to lamely blaming Bush like you did just a scant three months ago? It seems she is giving up on that false narrative and is now entering the Kochtopus Zone. Cue the shadowy music, Divine Miss Conspiracist!

Her cuckoo pants brings out more cuckoo pants. It’s a cycle of nutty!

Fancy cuckoo-speak, but cuckoo nonetheless.

The sane kindly try to explain reality to her.

Bingo. Although, that is hard for the Left to understand since they evidently want to be controlled by the government. Plus, victim-playing is their bread and butter.

Speaking of “trying to buy elections,” what about those unions? And, you know, Ms. Midler herself?

To apply your own standards, Bette: Why are you ruining our lives, filthy Richy Rich Midler?