Ah, panic mode! And, boy, is the Left deep in panic mode right now. Plus, their latent sexism and outright hatred of icky conservative women has them out in force, desperately trying to demonize Ann Romney. As Twitchy reported yesterday, they flipped out over Ann Romney saying “we aren’t there yet” when asked about potential Vice President picks. We? Who does she think she is?! Go make some sammiches, Ann!

Today, they are in full unhinged mode over more pronouns: Our and you.

Not only lame, but sadly predictable.

And, of course, the always vile “Daily Kos” and the lapdog media are fomenting outrageous faux outrage.

Look, “you people” is very generous when it comes to the press. Mrs. Romney was incredibly kind; she could have said “you sheep,” “you sycophantic water carriers,” or “you lapdogs.” All would have been accurate. Still, that doesn’t stop the Left from their unhinged ranting.


Oh? And what about President Obama and his “all your wedding cake, and gifts, belong to me?” He (and his food police wife) won’t even let you eat cake; you must donate it to him.

Also predictably, the Left hurls vile and sexist insults at Ann Romney.




But saying “you people” is offensive? The mind. It boggles.

The sane provide a little reality to the faux, cuckoo pants-filled outrage by pointing out pesky little things like facts and reason.

To be fair, at least he didn’t say my “clean and articulate” people. That’s only okay if a Democrat white man, like Vice President Joe Biden, says it.

Yep. Distract. Distract like the wind, once again. Of course, the distraction is an epic failure, in part due to the utter hypocrisy. President Obama can refer to people, not just the press, as “bitter clingers.” He can tell small business owners “you didn’t build that,” sneering in contempt at their accomplishments and telling them that they couldn’t possibly do anything on their own. That’s all hunky-dory.

Of course, that’s partly because they are ideological fools and sheep, but it’s also partly because President Obama is a man and not a conservative woman. War on women much, Democrats?

UpdateMedia fail: So, Ann Romney never said ‘you people’ after all. Despite that, the Left continues to mock her.