Earlier today, Twitchy quashed a lapdog media and leftist frenzy over Ann Romney’s use of the phrase “you people” when dismissing the chatter about her husband’s tax returns. She allegedly said “we’ve given you people all you need to know.” Except Ann Romney never said that.

Turns out President Barack Obama is the one who said “you people” during an April speech at the University of Colorado, while on his barnstorming tour to badger Congress into preventing interest rates from rising on student loans:

Although Obama placed some blame on the conservatives in Congress for the hold-up on prioritizing higher education, he did note that it was not a partisan issue, but an issue that includes every American.

“It shouldn’t be a Democrat/Republican issue,” Obama said. “America is not just about you people doing well. America is about everybody doing well.”

This happened in April, nearly three months ago. Where was the media and leftist outrage then?

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone? The silence is deafening. It’s shocking, right? But the hypocrisy isn’t.


Don’t expect leftists to protest Obama’s remark any time soon, if ever. It’s not in their nature to call out their own. After all, they’re the masters of do as I say, not as I do, with the president leading the way.