For the first time, a CBS/New York Times poll released today shows Mitt Romney pulling ahead of President Barack Obama.

It looks like the Bain Capital attacks from the White House have fallen flat. What’s the next distraction, Mr. President? Your acumen for economics? To quote the president’s most favored element of speech … Uhhh … not likely.

Maybe the president will start being a “nice guy” again; Romney certainly won’t, even if the lapdog media claims Romney’s campaign is a mess. Really? Twitter users see things just a wee bit differently.

Like the economy, Obama’s campaign isn’t “doing fine,” though, naturally, the president’s chief handler tried to spin the poll away. When you don’t have a record on which to run, all you can do is distract from reality.

Spin it right round, baby. The same sound still blasts from the speakers no matter what song’s on the record: Obama is in trouble.

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