Last night, one of Bill Maher’s anti-theist acolytes tweeted the “Real Time” host to share his oh-so-bleeding heart views on Obamacare eligibility. He doesn’t want to pay for “stupid.”

Maher, a vocal Obamacare supporter, was right there with him and delighted in piling on.

“I’m witcha.”

Maher’s seething contempt for religious people is no secret, so it’s hardly shocking that he’d relish using his bigotry to justify denying believers access to his beloved Obamacare.

But Maher really let the liberal mask slip when he agreed he doesn’t want to “pay for stupid.”

For many progressives, Obamacare isn’t about saving sick children and ailing seniors. It’s not compassionate liberal feel-goodery. As Rep. John Dingell hoped, it’s a way to “control the people.” It’s leverage to discourage anything and everything the powers-that-be deem unsafe or “stupid” or even distasteful.

As conservatives predicted, Obamacare has turned your neighbors’ “stupid” behavior into a collective concern. And of course, Smarter Than You™ statists like Bill Maher believe they’re the arbiters of stupidity, rather than choice examples.

Progressive sacrilege like prayer? Stupid. That Twinkie you’re washing down your gullet with a Big Gulp? Stupid.

It’s a Bloombergian new world.

And what about risky sexual behavior? Intravenous drug use? Living in an Occupy encampment? Is Maher willing to pay for that kind of “stupid” if people don’t “put in the effort”? And how does he plan to find out who’s engaging in stupidity?

So much for that sacred “right to privacy,” huh?