It all started on July 3rd, when actor/musician Drake Bell lightheartedly dissed Justin Bieber (see above).

Justin Bieber’s fans were not amused, and they have been giving Bell hell for the past two weeks.

Among other things, the Beliebers claimed that Bell had to cancel a concert because he sold only 18 tickets. As far as Twitchy can tell, that claim was fabricated.

Yesterday and this morning, Bell struck back, publishing a torrent of tweets attacking his Belieber critics.

He retweeted several tweets from fans showing that Bell in fact has a large following.

He suggested that Bieber might benefit from guitar lessons. (We think Bell is the dude on the right.)

He retweeted several messages slamming Bieber’s fans as 12-year old girls:

And he retweeted several death threats and death wishes from Bieber fans:

Hey, Beliebers, that isn’t funny. It’s creepy. If you’re looking for a way to win Justin Bieber’s affection, that is not the way to do it.

Related: Some Beliebers are claiming that pop starlet Katy Perry unfollowed Bell to show her solidarity with Bieber:

Twitchy has been unable to confirm that Perry unfollowed Bell.

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