We are speechless, too, but not surprised. The Left is always up for a jab at someone spreading a little common sense. Remember when liberals called for more civility in our political discourse? Ha, that was a good one.

McKean is best known for his portrayal of Squiggy’s friend, Lenny, on the sitcom Laverne & Shirley. He also portrayed David St. Hubbins in Spinal Tap, which we have to admit was a great movie.

He and other libs have their panties in a wad because Twitchy owner/CEO Michelle Malkin dared to call the Obama campaign strategy out for what it is.

From Mediaite:

Malkin slammed President Obama’s supporters. “Romney types, of course, are the ones who sign the front of the paycheck, and the Obama types are the one who have spent their entire lives signing the back of them,” she said.

Malkin and many other conservatives admire successful businessmen.  They do not think pursuit of profit is evil, oppressive, or greedy.

Of course, lefties wasted no time in voicing their fervent agreement with McKean’s statement:


And then there are those who just blatantly and willfully miss the point:

Clearly our boss has touched a nerve and, as usual, the Hollywood/progressive Left’s only response is derogatory, mysoginist invective.

Update: McKean tweets “sincere apologies.”

Perhaps this was in response to tweets like these:



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