Wow. The Boss and Sir Paul McCartney were performing together in Hyde Park in London last night when someone pulled the plug on them due to curfew. Bruce Springsteen’s guitarist, Steven Van Zandt, was more than a bit miffed.

Personal responsibility and treating people as the adults they are instead of children of The State? What a concept! An irony and something for Bruce Springsteen, an Obama supporter, to ponder: Is it different when it happens here, to everyone?

Mr. Van Zandt’s graciousness and fan appreciation still comes through, though, even in the face of his anger.

Many fans agree with Mr. Van Zandt and are furious at the silencing action.

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Three hours of the finest music ever played in Hyde Park culminating in a duet some had waited a lifetime to see ended by a pathetic argument over time.

Saturday night had the potential to be a timeless moment, a piece of rock and roll history. Those who were there will remember it fondly but the memory will forever be tinged by the knowledge Bruce never got to say goodbye and we never got the chance to thank him.

All because of some prat with a stopwatch.

On the plus side? It was a great show while it lasted.

Wait … was it the council’s fault or was it the fault of this snarky Twitter user?

Ha! And this Twitter user brings it home with some common sense advice.