The Biebs is in Australia and took some time for what he calls a “random Twitter hour.” He started by waxing philosophical over the state of girls these days. Some took his “class is key” tweet to be a slam at Aussie girls.

He continued with a string of rambling tweets that eventually caused fans to ask what he is smoking.

“Low key” may not mean what he thinks it means.


This fan understands the importance of a Bieber “random Twitter hour.”

Justin Bieber continues to ramble.

TMI, Justin. Never mind “class is key,” what about “don’t kiss and tell?”

Oh, dear. That isn’t so classy. “Sliggity” isn’t a very nice term, as Urban Dictionary can attest. Fans begin to suspect that The Biebs is “enjoying” Australia and its offerings a bit too much.

The mystery grows.

Oh, dear. “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” isn’t a good sign!

But these “Beliebers” say “that’s just our Justin!”

Will this mystery be cleared up soon? Stay tuned.