Doh! The Smartest Man Alive ™ actually said that. With what we can only assume was a straight, yet smug, face.

President Obama’s campaign speech in Virginia today was full of fail, even right from the start.

Visionary! Oh, dear. Looks like that pastor had a sneak-peek viewing of the super creepy “The Obama Effect.” Of course, The One carried on along those same lines during the campaign speech today. Predictably, it was full of scorching narcissism. Journalist Mark Knoller tweeted all the hubris-y action.

He needs you! All about him, natch. Don’t disappoint him, or else.

Negativity. Like smearing someone as a felon, perhaps? Irony is hard. So is speaking.

A shout-out to his lapdogs at “lean forward” MSNBC!

If he had sons and daughters, they’d look like you. He’s not Barack: He’s you.

The State comes first; Obama and his fellow travelers in a nutshell.

Ah, the old “hostage” line. Welcome back!

And then he finished up with the remark referenced earlier.

Duh. Say so long to term two, buddy.

Indeed. Try again with a second term? We’ll pass.

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