Chalk up another FAIL for the mainstream media. They are ravenously chasing the non-story of Mitt Romney’s tax filings like a hungry young Obama with fork in hand after a plump puppy, while completely ignoring that Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is known for cheating on his taxes, and blaming it on Turbotax.

How much do conservatives love calling out the “most transparent administration” ever on its hypocrisy? Let us count the ways:

As long as we all know the rules:

What’s that weird slurpy liquid sound? Oh … massive eyerolling in unison:

Some on the Left are trying half-heartedly to call conservatives hypocritical on the issue:

But that narrative completely falls apart when one considers Romney’s “tax havens” are absolutely legal:

Finally, we’d like to request the Romney campaign use this line whenever appropriate:

Or at least stop calling Obama a “nice guy” already?