Bestselling fiction, er, memoir author Barack Obama claims he hasn’t taken his storytelling duties seriously enough. In fact, he says his failure to “tell a story to the American people” was his biggest mistake while occupying the White House.

Obama’s composite girlfriend and composite secretary disagree as well, as does Human Events’ John Hayward.

He hasn’t done much except tell stories.  Remember the story about how America was filled with helpless sick people who couldn’t get health care coverage, so the government had to seize control of the insurance industry on their behalf?  How about the one where Obama is a helpless spectator to his predecessor’s policies, three and a half years after taking office?  Remember the fairy tale about how the transparently ineffective trillion-dollar Obama “stimulus” actually “saved or created” countless jobs that had nothing to do with it, even as the American job market disintegrated?

And thus, the #ObamaStories hashtag was born.

For a guy who isn’t focused on storytelling, President Obama sure has built up an impressive library of fairy tales.

What other #ObamaStories has the storyteller in chief been spinning instead of, y’know, doing his actual job?

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