Words are tricky things, especially when the smartest president EVAH butchers them. We doubt, however, that Barack Obama would say he acted stupidly when he made his latest gaffe during a campaign stop today in Virginia. After all, he was probably weary from trying to visit the 57 states again on his whirlwind poorhouse tour, so he can match the overflowing contents of Mitt Romney’s coffers.

Lucky for Obama, the crowd laughed with him, though some Twitter users are laughing at him:

It’s a good thing that people feeling weak from his exalted presence didn’t need the services of a CORPSEman or a breathalyzer. But many supporters feeling woozy and faint weren’t doing fine, just like the economy isn’t.

Maybe next time, the president will remember to bring his teleprompter when he hits the road.

We doubt the mainstream media will make a big deal. (Zero coverage, so far.) Hey, everyone makes mistakes, right?  But can you imagine the uproar if Sarah Palin had made a gaffe like this?