Conservatives took to Twitter tonight, continuing to poke fun at President Barack Obama after he revealed the biggest mistake of his first term was botching the story of his presidency.

That’s okay, Mr. President; we took care of it for you. After a quick early day blast of #ObamaStories, followed by #ObamaFirstTermStories, Twitter users hadn’t run out of gas, playfully coining #ObamaBooks.

As always, the president’s handling of the economy, or lack thereof, was a hot topic.

To be honest, Obama should give himself far more credit as a story-teller, since spinning yarns is probably his greatest attribute.

Hey, who needs the private sector when the government can do everything for you?

It seems Obama just can’t shake his youthful Choom Gang days.

Oh. And, as we know, it’s all about him.

The hunt for November is on; let’s hope it turns out to be a red one. The country can’t handle FORE! more years of the Obama blues.

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