Nasty indeed. The Romney campaign is demanding an apology for suggestions by Obama campaign staffer Stephanie Cutter that Romney is either a liar or a felon.

Sounds a little desperate, no?

Cutter based her remarks on a Boston Globe article published today suggesting that Romney misrepresented the length of his tenure with private equity firm Bain Capital, staying on three years longer than he had claimed. Earlier this month, had debunked the claim, and FactCheck’s Brooks Jackson told Politico that “nothing in the Globe story directly contradicts Romney’s statements.” The Globe later admitted it has used, uncredited, reporting from both Mother Jones and Talking Points Memo.

As well as an apology from the Obama camp, Romney is seeking a retraction from the Boston Globe. It seems the gloves — er, mittens — might be coming off at last.

The Left, for its part, is putting a lot of faith in words like “might,” “could,” and “possibly.”

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