Boy, that conniving Mitt Romney sure knew what he was doing when he deliberately baited the NAACP audience into booing him.

You see, he didn’t really want to bring his message to black voters. It was all part of his clever “Southern Strategy” to up his racist street cred with old white bigots and gin up racial resentment on the Right.

At least, that’s what MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell and his guest Goldie Taylor would have you believe.

Color us shocked.

Nancy Pelosi got the ball rolling on this narrative yesterday when she claimed getting booed was “a calculated move” by Romney. The former House speaker didn’t elaborate — she left that up to the Democrat lapdogs at MSNBC.

Naturally, Rachel Maddow jumped on the “calculated move” bandwagon.

And “Politics Nation” host Al Sharpton agreed the booing was orchestrated.

But it was on “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell that the “calculated move” narrative truly scraped the bottom of the race-baiting barrel. O’Donnell suggested that Romney was using the NAACP speech to stage an appeal to racist white voters. All part of his genius master plan, apparently.

The Left, of course, is eating it up.

Never mind that it’s only liberals who seem to hear these dog whistles. It’s time for the Race-Baiting Olympics and after decades of training, lefties are entering every event.

Yes, they do. Because that’s what leftists always do.