President Obama is a little busy this morning, what with his empty schedule, so he sent Vice President Joe Biden to address the NAACP in his place.

Any words of wisdom for the NAACP before letting Biden loose to rebut Mitt Romney’s speech?

Even liberals are expecting Biden to step in it.

Twitchy will monitor the speech this morning and update as needed.


Hey, looks like Obama found the time to speak to the NAACP after all. Via video:

Biden’s speech is coming up after the musical interlude.

11 a.m. EDT and Biden still hasn’t started speaking. Maybe they’re hoping viewers will move on to other things before he gets going.

And it begins:


Shout out time:

And Biden starts name-dropping … with Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

But back to how awesome Obama is.

Whose guy? My guy, says Uncle Joe.

Now we’re moving on to the evil Republican approach to education.

And asthma.

And Biden, of course, is totally For the Women™.

Yeah, he loves the ladies. Except for the Chinese ones. And the unborn ones. And the … yeah, not so much for the ladies, huh?

“Fair share.” Drink!

Just a brief timeout from speech coverage to share this tweet with you:

Really? Really?

Now back to Romney and his foreign policy:

Holder shout-out!

And now for the real pander-monium:

And we’re done preaching to the choir.

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