Doh! The media and the Left (redundant) need to get their “dog whistle” code words straight. Looks like Team Obama didn’t get the memo!

Oh, dear. President Obama is racist against himself. At least, according to Newsweek and The Daily Beast columnist Michael Tomasky.

More from Mr. Tomasky’s “article.”

But he wasn’t a race-baiter until yesterday. That speech wasn’t to the NAACP. It was to Rush Limbaugh. It was to Tea Party Nation. It was to Fox News. Oh, he said some nice things. And sure, let’s give him one point for going there at all. But listen: You don’t go into the NAACP and use the word“Obamacare” and think that you’re not going to hear some boos. It’s a heavily loaded word, and Romney and his people know very well that liberals and the president’s supporters consider it an insult. He and his team had to know those boos were coming, and Romney acknowledgedas much a few hours later in an interview with . . . guess which channel (hint: it’s the one whose web site often has to close articles about race to commenters because of the blatant racism). Romney and team obviously concluded that a little shower of boos was perfectly fine because the story “Romney Booed at NAACP” would jazz up their (very white) base.

Oh, dear! How will he reconcile that disgusting, race-baiting narrative now? Clearly, President Obama doesn’t see it as an insult. He sees it as a fundraising tool and a cash cow.

They boys who cried dog whistle. Massive fail; Again. The worst part of the constant race-baiting false claims? It grossly diminishes actual acts of racism. But, hey, people don’t matter. Only agendas do, to the Left.

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