The NAACP invited both President Obama and Mitt Romney to address its annual convention in Houston this week. Obama took a pass, choosing to send Uncle Joe Biden to wow the crowd on Thursday. (Snicker.)

But this morning, Romney will address the convention about the economy and school choice during the plenary session on civic engagement.

Race-baiters have been freaking out since the speech was first announced last month, and the Left is busily reshuffling it’s deck of race cards in advance of the speech. So something like this isn’t at all far-fetched:

A live feed of the speech is available here:

Twitchy will monitor the speech and update as needed.

Romney got big applause for vowing to defend traditional marriage.

But the audience turned on him when he mentioned Obamacare.

How’d he handle the booing?

Naturally the media delighted in reporting the booing.

Perhaps there’s a reason Romney was invited to speak before Joe Biden?

More from Romney:

His remarks on school choice received tepid applause.

Polite is kinda pushing it.

Romney was gracious to his hosts.

Romney also spoke of his father, George Romney.

His remarks were welcomed with all the class you’d expect.

His closing:

So how’d he do?

Wait, we’d better ask Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.

How dare Romney be honest about his policy plans? The nerve!

More on Cleaver’s remarks here.

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