Twitter is prescient once again! As Twitchy reported this morning, Mitt Romney spoke at the NAACP National Convention in Houston. Predictably, his promise to repeal Obamacare was met with boos. However, his firm support of traditional marriage was met with applause (as was his support for the Keystone Pipeline and charter schools). You’d never know that, though, were you to watch mainstream media outlets. Those applause don’t suit the narrative! Are NAACP members drinking the H8R-ade? That doesn’t suit. So, ignore! Ignore like the wind!


Here are some headlines from our esteemed press.

News: NAACP crowd boos Romney for vowing to repeal health reform

NAACP Boos as Romney Prods Obama Delicately – ABC News

Mitt Romney Booed At NAACP Convention For Saying He’d Repeal 

Mitt Romney met with boos in NAACP speech

Mitt Romney gets multiple rounds of boos at NAACP convention

Some media outlets not only ignore the applause, but outright lie about them. By turning them magically into boos. This isn’t really surprising. As Twitchy reported in May, media outlets breathlessly reported President Obama’s “evolution” on gay marriage with glee and openly said “same-sex marriage is a civil right. It’s about time.” Unbiased reporting!

Huh. That’s strange, as those actually watching the speech heard applause.

The Left, of course, tried to spin away the applause and attack Romney instead.

Romney “bigotry.” He must have forced people to applaud with his wizard wand of evil. And sorry, toots. There is no “pitting” necessary. The hard truth is that the black community is opposed to gay marriage. While the NAACP recently “evolved” into supporting same-sex marriage (right after President Obama did so. What a coincidence!), the rank and file members aren’t on board.

That doesn’t stop the Left from further exposing their own bigotry; time for some anti-Mormon sentiments, natch.

And, Hitler! Criminy, lefties. At least get some new lines.

And some cries of racist, natch.

Mia Farrow jumps into the mix, tweeting about the boos while conveniently ignoring the applause. Gee, we wonder why? Perhaps she doesn’t want to call NAACP audience members “backwoods barbarians” trying to force the icky bible’s definitions of marriage on everyone. Or lament the shame they should feel, like she did when Amendment One passed in North Carolina.

Hypocrisy and lies. The Left’s standard operating procedure.

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