Oh, Roland Martin. How on earth will you reconcile the narratives now? Everyone should show up to speak at the NAACP national convention, as a given, huh? And if they do show up, the media will make sure to push race-baiting narratives while spinning away pesky facts; like audience members cheering support for traditional marriage, of course.

Well, what if they don’t show up? And, you know, say nothing?

Like President Obama.

That’s right. President Obama can’t even be bothered to show up. Why?

He has no time for you, NAACP.

Huh. So, he’s lying as usual. What could possibly be the real reason he can’t be bothered addressing the NAACP?

The president does think that. He thinks those votes are, and should be, a given.

Bingo. The real racists are President Obama and his fellow travelers. They believe that one’s political beliefs are, and should be, inextricably linked to one’s skin color (or gender or sexuality). Think for oneself? Ha! Know your place, people, and stay on that leftist plantation. Also, make Obama a sammich.

Democrats like Senator Barbara Boxer inadvertently expose such vile thinking over and over. Remember, she was flabbergasted that a black man did not completely agree with absolutely everything that the NAACP and the 100 Black Men of Atlanta thought. All you people think alike, huh, Senator Boxer? As long as you are “clean and articulate.”

Of course not. Racism is hunky-dory if someone has a (D) after their name.

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