Attorney General Eric Holder, held in contempt last month, spoke at the NAACP National Convention in Houston today.

Shamefully putting identity politics before truth and justice, the NAACP passed an emergency resolution in support of Holder. Once again, the morally bankrupt Left is disgracefully dismissing the death of Brian Terry (when they can even remember his name) and is trying to help Eric Holder cover-up the fatal federal Operation Fast and Furious by crying racism. Justice Shmustice, racists!

Not surprising, coming from a group whose president revoltingly likened Voter ID laws to a “return to Selma.”

The NAACP also let its epic hypocrisy show, as did Attorney General Holder, when demagoguing Voter ID laws.

Oh, really?

Huh. The NAACP and Eric Holder are suppressing people and are “harmful to minority voters.” Hey, here’s an idea: If the NAACP and Attorney General Holder really cared about people, they’d be pushing for ways to ensure that everyone had an ID so that they could fully participate in society. And, you know, attend NAACP events.

But, whatever. They have Eric Holder’s back.


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