Last fall, just a month after Morgan Freeman deemed the Tea Party “the weak, dark, underside of America,” Samuel L. Jackson declared the racism of the Tea Party “pretty obvious.”

That racism was apparently less obvious to James Earl Jones, as he needed the help of MSNBC and right-wing talk shows to clarify it for him. Jones is trending today as his remarks, made Sunday on the Smiley & West Show, once again connect the Tea Party and racism.

Is there room under the bus for one more grandmother? Jones says he learned racism from his part-Native American, part-black grandmother, who “hated everybody.”

But if Jones’s grandmother taught his family to judge based on race, how does that implicate the Tea Party, exactly? “I think I know what racism is better than anybody who’s ever been a racist,” Jones explained.

So, is anyone else getting tired of hearing this script?

Here’s a good question:

Perhaps a better question would be, does Jones or anyone else in Hollywood care what the Tea Party actually thinks?

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