“The Five’s” Bob Beckel wasn’t content to just let his misogynist pig show. No, no; he had to up that and let his disdain for the military show as well.

He started last week, when he became outraged at comments made by Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.). Rep. West had told a group of constituents that President Obama would “rather you be his slave.” This didn’t suit, you see! Only the Left can say things like that. How dare a black man not only say those things, but say them as a Republican. Know your place, Representative West!

Today, he apparently doubled-down.


Twitter users, as always, didn’t hold back when they called Mr. Beckel on the carpet.




Indeed. Truth is what causes the Left to become unhinged. Well, truth and women and minorities. Beckel proves that over and over.

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