Sadly, no. He said that.

His account also tweeted out a photo of “his homeboy” today.

We are only surprised that he didn’t further insert himself into President Lincoln’s biography.

That was the opening to his speech on middle-class tax cuts (while he is refusing to extend the Bush tax cuts) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, today.

As always, his speech is all about him.

You got that right. And we don’t care for your vision.

Oh, well. As long as he feels hopeful. As for everyone else: “How’s that hope and change working for you?”

Twitchy will monitor President Obama’s speech and update accordingly.


Demands to be rewarded! Everyone is “entitled,” you see.

Again, champ, that vision has shown itself to be an epic fail. Time for some corrective surgery!

All. About. Him.

Whew! You haven’t disappointed him … yet … America! The hubris. It burns.

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