It was adorable. Progressives actually launched a hashtag that trended last night.

As Twitchy reported earlier, the Left used #overheardatRomneyfundraiser in an attempt to mock wealthy Romney donors who attended a fundraiser at David Koch’s Hamptons home.

Bless their precious hearts, they were aiming for comedy gold, and ended up with comedy tin foil. But less useful because we can’t use it to wrap our sammiches.

Mocking rich, out-of-touch donors? Hey, libs, we think you doth project too much.

Conservatives called out the hypocrisy and easily trended their own hashtag: #OverheardAtObamaFundraiser.

Of course, with Obama’s pathetic fundraising performance lately, the hypocrisy might not be quite that thick. But only because no one’s around.

And the conservative domination of Twitter continues.