Bless their hearts. is teaming up with Occupiers for a #KochParty, protesting a Mitt Romney fundraiser.

But, but … they have buses and everything!

That livestream is sure to be giggle-inducing and rife with mock-worthy action. Unless, of course, their typical violence and nastiness breaks out. We wonder if it will be another “protest” that lacks any actual protesters?

Twitter users have already started mocking the pitiful “protesters,” while kindly attempting to give them a dose of reality.

And an early win!

What an incredible turnout? Lookout, Tea Party!

Twitchy will monitor the #KochParty and update with any developments. And snark, of course!

Update: Oh, our aching sides! Tens … TENS of people attended the “protest.”

Pictures speak a thousand sad, pathetic words.

More police than “protesters.”

Group photo!

Oh, sweeties. It’s more like you have a (crowd) size problem.

Twitter users aren’t letting this slide.