Ah, the tolerance bullies are back with their intolerance and bigotry. Last night, it was Salon and Roger Ebert, both taking a page from Cher’s anti-Mormon bigot book. The oh-so-enlightened, Smarter Than You Roger Ebert tweeted out the despicable Salon article and was quickly taken to task by Twitter users.

Cretinous bigot, indeed. The Salon article not only mocks “magic underwear,” but it also then goes on to gay bash. From Salon:

This is not to say that Mormon Garments have no place in the history or future of erotica. You say tomayto, I say tomaaahhhto. Interestingly, the Garment may owe its existence to Joseph Smith wrestling with his own high libido. As recent research on homosexuality suggests, people who are struggling to contain or suppress their own sexuality may be particularly interested in controlling the sexuality of others. Historians are unclear on the number of women Smith actually married and the number with which he simply had sexual relationships. The list of his wives, first published in the late 19th century and still debated, includes 27 names. Despite this, Smith preached against polygamy till his death. Was the design of the Garment (then a full-body, long-sleeved, button-up affair) the product of a divine revelation, Smith’s sexual tastes, or his effort to suppress desire? You decide.

See, ripping on a religion is hilarious to the Left. Then, they have to add gay bashing just for extra effect: “Joseph Smith was totally super gay and stuff!”

Huh. It’s funny how the Left claims to be tolerant and inclusive, yet lefties are the first to jump in to use being gay as an attempted insult.

These Twitter users continue to give Roger Ebert the business and deservedly so.

Ebert’s fellow travelers, however, embrace the bigotry.

More than 50 years has passed since a hero of the Left, President John F. Kennedy, gave a speech discussing his religion and his candidacy. Yet, the Left is still persecuting people for religious beliefs. Now with more gay-bashing insinuations: Tolerance!

Evidently, to the Left, it is “Mormons need not apply.”