At a campaign event in Pittsburgh yesterday, President Obama suggested he was outspent by opponent John McCain in 2008. Seriously. He said that.

Via The Right Sphere:

I don’t know if he thinks everyone is dumb or if he’s just trying to get votes by making people to feel sorry for him, but he’s lying. He was not outspent in 2008. Not even close.

“Idiot or liar”? Why choose? Embrace “and.”

“Outspent” seems to be a recurring theme in the Obama campaign.

And that campaign stop in Pittsburgh wasn’t the only time this week Obama played fast and loose with the 2008 numbers. He also tried the “outspent” line in Ohio.

Apparently he decided it was a good idea to go all in after that. Sorry, Pinocchio in Chief. You got caught out there:

Paging the lapdog media. Lapdog media to the reception area.

Your move, lapdogs.