As the country waited for President Obama’s response to June’s lackluster jobs report — and waited and waited and waited — we were treated to a little expectation management about the American dream.

Who needs fancy pants Hawaiian vacays? We’re richest when we travel by Greyhound to a cozy Howard Johnson, the president said during a campaign stop in Ohio.

Yeah, Obama is all about the greyhounds. And the poodles. And the terriers. And the … nom nom nom.

We’re dizzy from the spin.

Hmm. Wonder what Frommer’s says about the Martha’s Vineyard HoJo.

Luxury for me, but not for thee.

Meanwhile, on the jobs front:

Wait, so satisfaction isn’t taking the Greyhound to HoJo with the last of your unemployment check? Make up your mind, Mr. President!

We’re all for family time, but it doesn’t take the president’s composite vacation tales for us to realize we’ll all have a better shot at the American dream without 8.2 percent unemployment.

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