It appears President Barack Obama’s campaign team still believes Americans are going to get all kinds of worked up about Mitt Romney’s bank accounts. In fact, it has pretty much been the focus of their tweeting ever since David Axelrod tweeted out the required media talking points.

Oh look, the campaign team is properly synchronized!

And the Left responds with a high-level of intellectual prowess.

But wait, the Romneys did release their tax returns and there was nothing super secret in them.

Surely, talking about Swiss bank accounts must be the recipe for job creation. If they just talk enough about Romney’s tax returns and finances, the unemployment numbers have to plummet and people will forget all about their economic woes!

Meanwhile, from George Clooney’s fundraiser for Obama — wait for this — in Geneva, Switzerland, to Obama’s reinvigorated use of the class warfare card, the hypocrisy and overall fail of the Obama campaign on this narrative has been epic.

Conservatives react with usual snarky gusto.

This continued Obama campaign meme against Romney for holding offshore accounts is just ridiculous. Here is a dose of reality, Democrats:

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