Huh? Everyone knows eeeeevil Republican super PACs are spending big bucks to ruin democracy while pro-Obama super PACs run on hope and spare change.

Remember? Team Obama told us all about how the Koch-Rove cabal is stealing “fair elections” from “regular Americans.”

Damn those secretive, shady Koch brothers for silencing “regular Americans” with the wads of cash that tumble from their mouths each time they laugh maniacally! Also, Rooooooove!

Oh, wait:

More from Jim Geraghty:

According to Federal Election Commission data filed from January 2011 through July 3, super PACs and all groups making “independent expenditures” in the political arena have spent $35.3 million in opposition to Romney, and only $9 million in opposition to Obama. Rove’s American Crossroads, for example, has spent $3.1 million this cycle. But only $158,126.17 of that has been spent in efforts opposing President Obama, and a separate $7,500 has been spent on Web ads supporting Mitt Romney. For perspective, the group spent $358,202.98 in mid-June in just one expenditure on “TV/Media Purchases” opposing Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine in Virginia, and then spent the same sum a week later in the same race.

What’s more, the advertising and other efforts by Obama’s allies have been relentlessly negative.

That, of course, hasn’t stopped the lapdog media from presenting the exact opposite as fact.

Once again, conservative media are doing the work Obama’s lapdogs won’t do.