Oh, snap! Nice one, Leno.

President Obama is starting his first “bus tour” this campaign cycle today. Man of the people, you see!

Look, guys; he has his sleeves rolled up and everything. Squee!

We wonder who will be the first to be thrown under this bus? Besides the American people.

Citizens aren’t too enamored of this transparent “bus tour.”


Occupiers aren’t thrilled, either. Banksters!

Good, old Romney bus is shadowing President Obama’s “tour,” with Governors Jindal and Pawlenty making appearances.

Call the waaahm-bulance.

Meany pants! Oh, sweetie, jealous much? As Twitchy reported, the hilarious taunting Romney bus has its own Twitter account and always scores the wins in photo contests.

The RNC is already rapidly responding.

And Team Obama is attempting to use the hashtag #BettingOnAmerica for the bus tour. Is a hijacking of the hashtag imminent? Stay tuned!

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