Once again, a liberal man is using weaponized misogyny against a conservative woman. This time, literally: Fox News’s Bob Beckel said the following during an interview with Don Imus last month:

BECKEL: For me to call somebody fat is a big step. For this guy to suggest he knows the president of the United States and White House leaked this, he doesn’t have a clue. If you say something like that, it’s almost treasonous, the idea that Barack Obama would leak that is obscene and to suggest that Michelle Malkin, if I was Juan I’d wake up next to her with a shotgun.

IMUS: No, no, no, Bob, we don’t need to be —

BECKEL: And there may have been some people in the White House who may have leaked some things, that’s true, but Barack Obama doing that himself is just obscene to even suggest that.

IMUS: You’d pay money to wake up next to her. And referring to Peter King as fat, I wouldn’t roll out the fat carpet although even you, even you — come on.


Sarah Palin uses a crosshairs map in an ad and she is held responsible for any act of violence, ever, in perpetuity. Bob Beckel literally says he would wield a shotgun against Michelle Malkin and total crickets. What had the slimy lout up in arms this time? Michelle Malkin’s total smack-down of Juan Williams when Mr. Williams called her “just a blogger.” That doesn’t suit! She should know her place, you see. Make Bob a sammich! Well, many sammiches, clearly.

Twitter users who have moral compasses and aren’t lacking in human decency aren’t staying silent.

Of course, Michelle Malkin can defend herself very well; fight like a girl, baby!

Mr. Beckel must drive a huge car, what with all the “compensation” issues he has and all.

Many people have just had it and are utterly fed up. The systematic sexism and the dehumanization and sexualization of conservative women must end. Media outlets cannot continue to reward misogyny by continuing to employ sexist pigs spouting vicious and vile attacks.


Will they? We hope so. They should take a page from Fox News’s Janice Dean, who was absolutely correct when she said this stuff needs to stop.

How much more can they get away with? Here are some examples of the systematic misogyny used by the Left against  women … in just the last two months or so.

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As for the For The Women ™ Left? They are joining Beckel and hurling even more disgusting hate.

Yep, they do love them some racism. And misogyny.

FYI, this isn’t the first time Bob Beckel has let his sexist pig and boorish sides show. After he screamed the F-bomb at a female panelist, he apologized and said that he may not be “cut out for television.

Duh. Heed your own words, Bob.