As Twitchy reported earlier, President Obama was full of fail today. We know; what else is new? Everything he touches turns to fail, which is why he can’t even run on his abysmal record.

So, this afternoon he started tweeting out stuff about Mitt Romney and a bank account in Switzerland. Cue the ominous Swiss music! Of course, this reminded us of a pesky little detail that the president forgot: President Obama is fundraising in Switzerland. That kind of Swiss money is A-Okay.

When his attempts at fanning absurd outrage failed, he upped it by adding FACT in front of his tweets.

He’s super serious, y’all. Well, citizens found that even more hilarious, so Obama’s fail just worsened. Twitter users decided to remind President Obama of some actual facts.

And, win.

Unintended consequences stink, huh, Mr. President?


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