Uh. Okay, then. President Obama seems to have forgotten a pesky detail. As Twitchy reported last week, President Obama is pimping out his buddy George Clooney for fundraising … in Switzerland. See, Clooney fundraisers in Switzerland are fine. In that case, Swiss money is hunky-dory, huh?

Silly rube! That’s totally different. Because, “citizen of the world.” Or something.

This Twitter user cuts right to the chase; Obama can’t campaign on his actual record.

Another Twitter user wonders if the president questions the financial dealings of his cronies like George Soros or the Kennedy family.


Principles are hard.

Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, also gets schooled.

Indeed. Swiss money for me, but not for thee. Shameless hypocrisy and baseless attacks are all President Obama has. His record speaks for itself: It says “Hell, no.”

Update: Now he’s putting FACT in front of the ominous Swiss stuff. So that you know he’s super serious and all.



Here is a FACT for you, Mr. President: You aren’t too bright. Case closed.

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