Alleged Twitter comedian Rob Delaney tweeted out his idea of a hilarious joke today. Click the picture link in his tweet, if you aren’t planning on having a meal any time soon.

New tone! Now with more dog feces.

A god. If by “god,” he means pitiful and immature guy with no class. Here is more of Mr. Delaney’s side-splitting humor.

Wow. He’s so edgy! He talks about his naughty boy bits and everything! What wit! If one is 12 years old, of course.

Here he is trying to wax political again.

Hardy har har! He said “boobie.” And totally nailed those silly rubes who aren’t super intelligent and cultured like the Left, right? Idiots, heal thyselves.

These Twitter users sum up Mr. Delaney and his “humor.”

Stay classy, Rob.


Ooo … Rob’s callin’ in the big guns!

For a guy who looks at Twitchy as nothing more than an annoying little blip on his radar, he sure seems reluctant to let the issue drop.