Aside from a fat cigar, a silk waistcoat and a solid gold pocket watch chain, nothing really says “evil capitalist” like an offshore bank account. The Obama campaign eagerly took to Twitter today (with hilarious results) to promote Vanity Fair’s look into this “murky world” of Romney’s riches. But has class warfare fatigue already set in?

Vanity Fair can’t be expected to do all the heavy lifting. MarketWatch notes that possible running mate Rob Portman is among the wealthiest members of Congress. Who knows what types of money fights could take place in the White House walk-in vault with these two in charge?

ABC News gives a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous with a visit to Romney vacation spot Lake Winnipesaukee.

John Nolte knows the way to get the mainstream media’s attention: shiny, shiny gold.

Just what is Romney’s secret to staying so very rich?

Some just don’t seem bothered by this murky world of high finance.

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