That was the Daily Kos’s Kaili Joy Gray. Get it? Republicans are such H8rs and stuff! Even though, you know, everyone already knew CNN’s Anderson Cooper was gay and no one cared. That doesn’t fit the narrative, sillies. So, the Left had to immediately try to use Anderson Cooper to their advantage. See, that’s all they really care about. They don’t care about gay people at all. They only value them if they can be of use to their agenda.

Fellow leftists follow suit in a lame attempt to convince themselves that they are oh-so-enlightened and Republicans are meany pants and icky.

Oh, really, sir? Did you read the article you tweeted out with your hate-filled lies? The Left has been pressuring Anderson Cooper for years. No mention of the “Gaystapo” tactics, though, huh?

More from The New York Times article.

Ms. Shister, who is openly gay, observed, “He’s been under increasing attack from lots and lots of gay people by continuing the perception that he’s somehow ashamed.”

Out magazine has identified him as gay for years, most recently in April, when it called him a “silver-haired heartthrob to countless Middle-American housewives …”

… The proprietor of Gawker, Nick Denton, who over the years has published gossip that Mr. Cooper is gay, wrote on Monday, “It’s awesome that the calculation has changed this much: that it’s now more embarrassing to remain in the closet than it is to come out.”

And Nick Denton! Gawker runs some of the most disgusting gutter sludge ever. Still, leftists continue to try to pat themselves on their smug, yet completely self-unaware, backs.

Look in the mirror, leftists. How are you embracing his announcement? You are using the man and you are using his personal revelations to fuel your own hatred and the caricatures you have created in your own heads. You wasted no time in using someone in a lame attempt to score political points.You don’t value Anderson Cooper. You are merely using him as a means to an end.

Wow. How “enlightened.”