Oh, dear. CNN analyst and DNC vice-chair Donna Brazile took to Twitter to opine on the Supreme Court’s Obamacare mandate as a tax ruling. She, too, is pulling the old “it’s not a tax, even though the Supreme Court specifically ruled it as such, wing nuts. Also, shut up” narrative. But she goes one spin better and calls it a “wellness penalty.” Orwellian much, Donna?

What’s the big whoop, wing nutty wing nuts with nutty wings? So you are punished for being well; whatever! It’s not like you are being punished with a baby or anything.

Bless her heart. With surrogates like these, President Obama, who needs enemies? If this is to be the new talking point/spin of the Democratic National Committee, then November is looking better and better!

Twitter users can’t even muster up much more than ridicule.

She then followed that up with hilarious irony.

Oh, our aching sides! This coming from a woman who even politicizes the mere mention of Jeremiah Wright by calling it racist and a “hate fest.” Plus, we aren’t too sure she knows what partisan actually means. We already know that she doesn’t know the meaning of shameful.

Keep digging, Obama surrogates. You are making it so much easier for Team Romney!