We haven’t even had time to grieve! Alec Baldwin had Twitter in an uproar once again when he deleted his account this morning after going toe-to-toe with various figures in the media. His last tweet was a simple goodbye to his followers:

The script usually fades to black from that point, but just hours later, Alec Baldwin’s account came alive again, this time as the Alec Baldwin Foundation. With the relaunch and new handle (@ABFoundation), it seems his overall Twitter direction has taken a turn.

He even mentioned his recent support for the New York Philharmonic, to which he donated $1 million.

More from The New York Times:

It is more generally the custom for a new bride and groom to get presents rather than to give them. But two days after Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas were married at a star-studded and music-filled wedding in Manhattan, the New York Philharmonic said on Monday that it had received a gift of $1 million from Mr. Baldwin to honor Zarin Mehta, its outgoing president and executive director.

The Philharmonic said the gift from Mr. Baldwin was a donation of his proceeds from his Capital One campaign. Mr. Baldwin said in a statement: “I have loved classical music all of my life, but Zarin Mehta made my dream of becoming part of the world of classical music come true. I will miss working with him directly, but will always bear in mind his passion, commitment, and insight as I continue my work with the New York Philharmonic. Zarin has my best wishes for the future, and I look forward to continuing our rich, musical friendship.”

In spite of the good news, a new handle does raise a lot of questions:


The way the account handle reads doesn’t help, either:

Can Alec Baldwin really quell his rage and keep his new account limited to supporting the arts? Only time will tell, but if his history is any indication, we shouldn’t hold our breaths just yet.

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