Oh, dear. Business mogul and News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter to express his doubts that Team Romney could beat The Chicago Way. However, he followed up with some hope.

Indeed. And many are not thrilled; a referendum doesn’t seem like it would be “doing fine” for Obama.

Mr. Murdoch is also not a fan of Scientology, calling it “creepy, maybe evil.”

That was a follow-up tweet to his earlier remarks about Scientology and Tom Cruise.

Of course, that led to some saying “what about Mormons?!”

And attacks on Mr. Murdoch.

But, others cheer him on and Mr. Murdoch takes it all in stride.

He also took on U.K.’s Prime Minister David Cameron.

Twitter users love Murdoch’s straight talk, as well as his willingness to engage on issues. Straight, sometimes controversial, talk and a willingness to argue one’s positions clearly? More, please.

And, Murdoch with the “Oh, snap” to the fish wrap of record.

Keep it coming, Rupert Murdoch!

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