Waaah! MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer isn’t a fan of Governor Christie and she also clearly doesn’t care for that whole “unbiased journalism” deal. She followed up her initial whine by retweeting this.

For The Children ™. Drink!

How did this latest media-generated kerfuffle begin? At a press conference yesterday.

At the press conference, reporters were told that the governor would only be taking questions on the collapse of three water pipes at a water treatment plant, which resulted in a “boil water alert” for 22 New Jersey towns. More from NJ.com:

When the reporter said, “Governor, on Monday are you going to be addressing the legislature,” Christie interrupted and replied, “Did I say on topic? Are you stupid? On topic, on topic. Next question.”

The same reporter then said “Yes” and “No, I’m not stupid” to Christie’s questions and then began to ask, “How many days will you have them come back” before he was again cut off by the governor.

Christie said, “Thank you all very much and I’m sorry for the idiot over there. Take care.” before walking away.

Where is all the pearl-clutching like the breathless swooning over the reporter who dared to interrupt President Obama? In that case, the reporter was totally icky and other alleged journalists ran for their fainting couches and race cards. Now? Totally Governor Christie’s “bullying” fault and the reporter was just doing his job.

Lefties on Twitter whine.

Classy. Also, irony is not that guy’s strong suit.

Drink again! Of course, President Obama using “big effing deal” is totally cool.

Oh, honey. Bless your heart.

Ah, yes. The old bigotry against idiots: Idiots need not apply signs are everywhere!

Seriously, is she kidding? Want to talk civility? How about “new tone?” Or “tolerance?” Maybe some heightened public discourse?

Even this Christie non-supporter finds the kerfuffle to be nonsense.

Of course, common sense has never stopped Contessa Brewer before. She doesn’t need any stinkin’ common sense!

Nor does she need journalistic integrity, evidently.

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