Mic check!

As Twitchy reported earlier, the young and the shiftless have descended on Philadelphia for the five-day Occupy National Gathering. It’s day one and the non-violent peaceniks with hearts of gold are already putting a strain on local law enforcement.

Y’know, just like the Tea Party.

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Police state? Down twinkles.

Oh, but see, those aren’t cops — they’re “pigs.”


Several conservatives tweeted while watching streaming video of the protest.

Occupy tolerance.

Many Occupiers tweeted during a confrontation that began when they refused to comply with camping regulations:

Sorry, Occupiers. The sign said “Long-haired freaky people need not apply.” Especially if they’re putting up tents in places where they’re prohibited.

@OccupyPolice is a Twitter account “for police in support of the 99%.”

But the Occupiers in Philly this weekend aren’t too interested in that perspective as they march on the jail.

Remember, this is just the first day of an occupation that lasts until July 4. And the day’s not quite over.

Time to occupy lockup for the night.