This morning the Supreme Court hands down its decision on Obamacare, and many liberals claim their very lives are at stake. If Obamacare is found unconstitutional, we may even see an immediate return to those dark days when our nation saw children dying in the streets due to lack of Obamacare.

Y’know, 2009.

If the Supreme Court death panel doesn’t do these people in, there’s a good chance their skyrocketing blood pressure will.

No roundup of hysterical liberal tweets would be complete without @REALBROTHER0003 crying racism.

Oh, good, all caps. That’s always a sure sign of a sane, rational argument.

Wow! Before Obamacare no one got out of life alive. It really is magical!

Paraphrasing former Rep. Alan Grayson always makes you seem worth taking seriously.

We’ll leave you with one more reason to hope Obamacare doesn’t survive.

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