When is a tax increase not a tax increase? When President Obama says, “Shut up, that’s why!”

Flashback to 2009:


Thanks to the SCOTUS ruling, it’s more abundantly clear than ever that Obamacare is really an #ObamaTax. So much for the president’s vow that families making under $250,000 would not see a tax increase.

Well, abundantly clear if you aren’t a blind parrot of Democratic talking points.

Spinning? No spin necessary, doll.

Apparently they think they’re clever:

Did Mitt Romney implement the largest federal tax increase in history during a woefully anemic economy? Try again, libs. Obamacare is now, without a doubt, an #ObamaTax and the president will have to own that.


The president didn’t ‘fess up in his statement today.

If the lapdog media won’t press the issue, the conservative new media will. Game on.



With Obamacare being upheld, even more of Barack Obama’s promises will be broken. Our buddy Ben Howe has put together a great video documenting those broken promises.

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