This morning the Supreme Court finally hands down the long-awaited decision on the constitutionality of President Obama’s beloved Affordable Care Act.

Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. Today we learn whether or not the Supreme Court agrees that “what’s in it” is as “ironclad” as Pelosi claims.

Will the individual mandate survive the SCOTUS death panel? Will the decision cite the “good and welfare clause“? Will Ross and Rachel live happily ever after?  Stay tuned. Twitchy will bring you live updates throughout the morning.

Let’s hope there’s no Twitpocalypse this morning.

The scene outside the Supreme Court:

Soon, friends, soon.

But first:

And …

We’re seeing conflicting accounts.

Death and taxes, the only certainties.

It’s looking like Chief Justice Roberts’ vote saved Obamacare.


More details:

Full text of the ruling:

Some questions remain:

In a nutshell:

Time to reload. We can see November from the steps of the Supreme Court.

Twitchy will continue to bring you reaction to the ruling throughout the day.


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