So, we’re not all going to die?

Martha Plimpton is first out of the celebrity gate to praise today’s Supreme Court decision in the name of “health justice.”

Alec Baldwin, not known for restraint, lauds the Supreme Court with reserved praise.

Speaking of clocks, what year is it again?

Albert Brooks is going to make sure to take advantage of his health coverage.

In Michael Moore’s case, we’ll assume “impt” here stand for important, not impotent.

Cher is animated.

Michael Ian Black is feeling generous.

Adam Baldwin steps up with the dissenting opinion.

MC Hammer declares the decision a great day not only for America, but for all of humanity.

Hammer even puts on his big-boy parachute pants to offer political strategy to the administration.

Maggie Q spares no exclamation points to congratulate the president.

Jason Alexander is putting his hands together to applaud SCOTUS and congratulate President Obama.

Questlove says his son can’t wait to go to the emergency room and get some Obamacare.

Common can now envision the day when everyone is healthy thanks to President Obama.

Twitchy will continue to bring you celebrity reaction to the ruling throughout the day.

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