Oh, Joe. President Obama is not going to allow you to go out for ice cream today, even if you don your super cool shades. You are grounded, buddy! Vice President Biden was, for some reason, let off his leash today. And, of course, it was gaffe-tastic. He admitted that the economy is in the crapper and that it’s a “depression for millions and millions” of Americans. So much for “doing fine!” Guess that whole “just buy some thingamajigs” deal isn’t working.

Perhaps Mitt Romney will thank you by sending you a case of free ice cream sandwiches. You pretty much wrote an awesome campaign ad for him. Thanks, Joe!


Even when trying to slam Mitt Romney, Joe Biden actually slams his own administration.

Gee, Joe. Why are so many unemployed after more than 3 years of you and President Obama?

No worries, though! Biden has convinced himself that everyone totally hearts him anyway.

Twitter users point out some facts to the delusional Vice President.


Wait, there’s more!

People are, cupcake. That’s one of the reasons you will lose in November.

The vice president then outed his own grandfather as a plagiarist.

Guess it runs in the family! Still, outing your own grandpa is not cool, Joe.

Over/under on Biden being the next Democrat to announce he’s not attending the Democratic National Convention?

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