Sigh. Noted legal expert and Obama fan boy Zach Braff took to Twitter to enlighten us all with his legal and “healthcare” (he totally played a doctor on television) expertise. Is there nothing he can’t do? Earlier this month, he was one of the noted environmental experts whose advice (by advice, we mean sweet, sweet cash) President Obama sought.

A patient Twitter user tries to set the actor straight.

Braff ignores it; Truth is hard.

Oh, well. Case. Closed.

Another genius conflating health care and health insurance.

Oh, dear. Honey, just sit there and look purty. Ish. No talkies! His idiocy did more than just invoke giggles from those who aren’t intelligence-deficient, though. His baseless attack on Justice Thomas gave his fellow travelers free rein to spout disgusting racist slurs and hate.

He can’t possibly think for himself, you see.

Revolting. Scratch a leftist and you will find a racist. This has been proven over and over again. Not only won’t they judge people on their character instead of skin color, they believe some skin color means one does not have his or her own character. It’s a vile update to the repulsive “all you people look alike” bigotry. Now it’s “all you people must think alike.”

Braff fans weren’t alone in their bigotry and hate.

Beyond reprehensible. Sadly, this is likely just the beginning. Leftists on Twitter have already grossly tweeted about killing Justice Scalia, while wishing other Justices die, after several Supreme Court decisions were released on Monday. Tomorrow, the decision on Obamacare is expected to be announced.

Gird your loins. The bigotry and outright evil hate will be even worse.